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Discussions about educational tools, firewall problems in institutions and how students view the internet.

Virtual Outsourcing

Virtual outsourcing, virtual assistants and virtual logistics can provide your organization with Engineering knowledge and support at a better overall cost than hiring new employees.  Virtual outsourcing is the process of hiring an outside consultant who will provide the professional services you need and usually will provide these services working remotely from any where in the world. More specifically your business should consider and can save a lot of money by outsourcing the following tasks. GENERAL TASKS Database management & data entry Data manipulation & automation Online research and automated online BOTs Marketing material, blogging and social networking Customer relations management Customer service and chat support Managing your calendar, appointments and flight reservations Recruiting new employees Accounting and bookkeeping Business process analysis and improvement ENGINEERING SERVICES CAD design and code development Virtual site evaluations Product development and new product design Searching for suppliers and fabricators 3D Prototyping and manufacturing Robotics…

WordPress Theme Bugs

After years of coding websites by hand I decided to move into buying themes. To speed up the process of developing websites html templates really saved a lot time back in the day. But today I am specifically talking about WordPress theme templates.  As a professional coder for over ten years it exposed me to more than 20 programming languages. Today there are so many different platforms and programming languages that an experienced and well rounded computer scientist is someone who is really a bilingualist.  The purpose of this blog is to prepare clients and newbys when they decide to purchase WordPress themes online. What I found is templates can contain serious bugs enough to really cause major down time and complete failures of websites.  Keep in mind WordPress itself is a very stable platform. A lot of people want to blame WordPress when a buggy template or plugin fails…

3D CAD for high school students

One of the most important courses to prepare future engineers that should be required for high school students across the United States is some form of three dimensional computer aided drawing.  Just as typing was a requirement in the late 1900s there is no denying that we are now in a computer aided world.  High school students time and time again are learning skills that are decades behind the times.  Students are still writing and printing documents which are skills that will slowly but surely fade into history. Students who want to become engineers are not properly prepared for college or the real world.  Skills such as basic programming, typing, calculus and three dimensional CAD should be learned well in advance before any college engineering program.  The ability for students to communicate ideas through advanced drawing programs through their PCs will better prepare them for higher paying jobs and more…

Access Denied

Do firewalls really work? This blog explores the growing problem of institutions blocking educational tools and other internet features.  Institutions are being held more liable for inappropriate content and conduct through the internet.  The problem is the laws being put in place protect institutions but in turn reduce students exposure to critical digital skills. Why block the internet in the first place?  It is completely ineffective and wasting tax payers money.  We have worked with students in several institutions.  We are a hi-tech group and are well aware of ways around fire walls.  This blog is not a tutorial on how to break through a firewall but we will point out that it is very easy.  Students make comments that they know more than adults and teachers about the internet which unfortunately is true in a lot of institutions.  Hacking through firewalls is as easy as pouring a bowl of…

Cost of Internet Services

A simple discussion of why internet service costs in the United States keep going up not down and I am not talking about broadband speeds. The United States invented internet but that does not mean that we pay less for it than the rest of the world.  As a matter of fact we are paying more to have a basic internet connection than most of the developing world.  Cell phone plans are also becoming more expensive with very little options for low prepaid or rechargeable accounts. Has the monopoly of telecommunications taken over the United States?  Are we going to continue to pay more for communication services than the rest of the world and still lack access to very high speed internet?  Will we fall behind on speed vs. cost?…


Did you know that debugging code is twice as hard as writing code!  Especially when you are debugging code that you did not write.  A lot of our clients ask us why it takes so long to debug something.  The answer is debugging is a very tricky and lengthy procedure.  It requires us to dig into code that we did not write.  In any case the code might be well written or as in most cases it is poorly written.  Here others can share thoughts on debugging code that was created by another developer.…
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