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Mining Modular

Modular Container Crypto-Currency Mining Location
Wichita Falls, TX 76305

Crypto currency mining space available with dedicated power feeds in Wichita Falls, TX 76305. Drop your container or we can build a container for your crypto-mining operation. Container mining is now one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to set up mining operations. Its fast, safe, cheap and easy to expand. It solves most of the heat problems that come with mining cryptocurrency.

This location currently has a half megawatt available and we are slowly scaling up to 1 MegaWatt in the next year. We are adding more feeds for crypto-mining companies at this location throughout the winter.

Out of state? This is an opportunity to move your operations to a crypt-friendly and industrial state where you can expand quickly and easily. We welcome out of state companies and can help you relocate and get set up. Texas can provide competitive electricity rates, much cheaper rent and easy expansion.

Mine crypto-currency, store and order equipment to a commercial location or park semi-trucks, RVs and mobile offices at this location. If you need more power we will be adding more feeds so there is plenty of room to grow here. Average cost is about 4-7 cents/kwh depending on the season. Some power companies are offering free nights which is pure profit for crypto-miners.

Crypto mining is still a profitable business. We have bench mark data from operations already up and running. All of our clients are making significant profits and if the price of coins increases profits will increase significantly. Now is the time to take your operation commercial when crypto prices are still low. Reserve space now while markets are stable and before the next rush.

• 800 Amp / 167,000 Watts 120/240VAC power feeds
• Bring your own or we can build your mining container (containers not provided)
• Approximate BTC mined with fully loaded container at $6500/BTC is $15,500.00/month
• Ambient cooled modular shipping container crypto-mining operations
• Security and internet is available and already on site
• Inquire about additional office space if needed
• Lease: Negotiable, minimum rent is one transformer
• More than one feed is available

Location is ideal for large scale crypto mining operations such as Bitcoin and Alt coins. The location can deliver power for your application and electricity rates in Texas are very competitive. Our location allows your crypto mining operation to turn a profit and has plenty of space and power to grow. Crypto-miners could also add solar or wind power at this location to offset the costs of crypto-mining. Texas is hot but only for 3-4 months out of the year. The rest of the year is usually below 80 degF. Great weather for crypto-miners to run in ambient conditions helping to increase profits.

Operation of any business 24 hours is allowed no noise restrictions, permits or regulations. Just bring your CPU, GPU or ASIC mining equipment and you can be up and running in 24 hours. Inquire about mobile office space, tenants are allowed to live on the property. Park an RV or portable office. There is already office and warehouse space on site. Clients have full remote access, security cameras and an alarm system on site.

• Large entrance very easy truck access heavy weights
• Plenty of large truck access to the property and building
• Truck access turn around space no need to back up
• Very close to busy highway 79 access
• Close access to UPS shipping center
• Less than 15 minutes to a 24/7 Walmart Supercenter
• Less than 10 minutes from 24/7 gas/diesel/restaurant
• Less than 15 minutes from Regional / Municipal Airport
• 15 minutes outside of Wichita Falls, TX
• 90 minutes Northwest of Dallas, TX
• Less than 30 minutes Oklahoma border
• East and west highway access to the property

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