Sample Client Platforms – Asset based private managed blockchain. The development team and blockchain nodes are distributed across regions where blockchain technology is accepted. Dexa Resources provided basic consulting for the initial development. Galaxycoin is backed by real precious metals. Galaxycoin is also moving in the direction of trading minerals using blockchain technology. This is not a fully decentralized system but as partners join the team this platform becomes more decentralized. Partners provide the link between real world assets and blockchain. – Decentralized blockchain stream, blog and contract platform. Slapstick is a peer-to-peer online site where people can use blockchain to notarize messages, documents and forms. Messages, contracts or forms are signed by the key owner and cannot be modified. Each data stream could only have been created by the signing party. Partners can own network nodes, contribute to development or make decisions on how the content is broadcasted. Depending on partner needs data streams can be viewed publicly or kept private. In return partners can also be compensated for their contributions. Initial nodes were created outside of the United States and are distributed throughout blockchain friendly countries.


Dexa Resources can deploy a blockchain specific to your corporate needs in 24 hours. This includes asset allocation, proper backups, private key protection and setting up the proper security and administrator features in order to protect your blockchain from hackers and unintentional changes.


We take all the headache out of learning blockchain and provide both backend and frontend software solutions to make using and incorporating blockchain into your organization easy. Our team also takes custom blockchain software requests. We can add features to help improve your workflow, customize your applications and integrate blockchain into just about anything. Dexa Resources has been writing high security software and IOT solutions for over 10 years and is here to make blockchain easy.


We provide phone support for new clients. See our business hours. We can discuss how to create your keyset and how to move assets but we cannot recover lost private keys, lost assets or sending mistakes. These transactions will be logged into the blockchain forever. We suggest if you are not sure about how to use your new blockchain call us before you make a mistake. We are here to help.


If you are not sure about working in a live blockchain no problem. We can set you up with a “Testnet”. This blockchain can be used and then scrapped after training your employees or you can choose to keep it running.


Pricing will really depend on your application. There are several ways we do blockchain pricing and it really depends on the client, features, backups, training and number of assets included in your blockchain. Pricing options will be discussed with our sales representatives.


We are planning on doing Seminars in the Dallas metroplex. Initial training will be through webinars and our sales representatives will discuss some of the training costs.

Why use Dexa Resources?

Beta versions based on Bitcoin core of our asset based permissioned blockchain have been in development since late 2016. We have clients who we implemented Blockchain applications for. We have been running and testing blockchain for over a year. These Beta versions have been running stable through 2017. Finally in 2018 we have switched our software over to run production releases. The services and blockchain technology we offer are designed specifically for corporations to have better control over a managed blockchain. Our team understands how to secure, protect and integrate your blockchain into daily corporate activities. Dexa Resources is dedicated to the software integration industry. We are developing the next generation of blockchain and IOT projects and have been in business since 2006.

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