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SmartIOT incorporates several IOT concepts and integrates these features into a fully Web connected commercial lock and IOT control system. This device uses all the latest encryption techniques. This is a Dexa Resources product line and is available for purchase through one of our preferred distribution channels. The design focuses on organizations who have a need for IOT entry/exit facility controls and remote monitoring. Dexa Resources can customize this application beyond the default features.



2 RFID Readers with PIN – Standard Wiegand 34 Protocol – control up to 2 locations from one board
2 12VDC door electronic door lock outputs

  • Control up to 2 door locks from one board
  • Connect dead bolt door locks, strikers and maglocks
  • FailSafe and FaileSecure wiring
  • 500mA per lock
6 Channel 12VDC inputs – connect motion, water, door sensors and more
4 Output 10A relays with dry or 12VDC contactors

  • Remote control pumps, motors, lights and hardware
  • Drive larger relays at 500mA per channel
  • Run dry relays at 8 amps pre channel
  • Normally closed or Normally open configurations
4 Output channels

  • 250mA per channel 12VDC output
  • Control large relays and other devices
1 Piezo on board buzzer – receive alarm codes and program features from piezo beeps
1 Multi-color LED – view program features from LED colors
12 Onboard fused circuit protection with LED trip indicators
4 GPIO output channels for standard 3.3Vdc logic
4 3.3V, 5.0V, 12VDC power and status indicators
1 SPI for external device controls using our web interface
1 Serial for external device controls using our web interface
Smart linux monitoring

  • System can hard reboot if Linux freezes
  • Initiate hard reboots remotely
Ships with a standard indoor enclosure – field installed knockouts
Partial board population for custom applications and lower pricing
Input power: 120 / 240 VAC 50/60Hz – line, neutral, ground screw terminal inputs
24/48 VDC circuit protection for 24/48VDC installations
Standard screw down terminal blocks for easy accessory field installation
Video surveillance and snapshots – PRO version only
Ethernet connectivity w/hardware reset button
Package includes 12VDC power supply, controller, IOT board and housing
Board dimensions: 101mm x 157mm


  • Fully integrated browser responsive control full encryption and SSL access – mobile ready
  • Asynchronous codebase for push notifications, better throughput and better performance
  • Hard mechanically activated reboot in case of software lockup or power glitches
  • 2-factor authentication available for user protection
  • Lock timers and control RFID access lists
  • Access relay timers with slider buttons
  • Set offline and online user access lists
  • Control multiple devices at multiple locations from one web application
  • PIN number authorization through email or other connected portals
  • History of entry/access and sensor trips
  • Offline access lists – PRO version only


  • Wiegand 34 Protocol
    • Format ( FF:FF:FF:FF )
    • 13.56Mhz = Mifare S50, S70, etc.
    • 125Khz = TK4100, EM4001, etc.
  • 65,535 Facility codes – organize distribution by location or other identifiers
  • 65,535 Unique card IDs – assign each user a unique ID
  • Organize custom facility codes using first and last three octets
    • Example ( 255 / 16,777,215 )
  • 4,294,836,225 total unique codes – use all combinations to identify large data sets
  • Pre-programmed RFID card sets


  • RFID reader(s) with digital keypad
  • 12VDC electronic door lock
  • Door sensors
  • Humidity / water sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Shock sensors
  • Heat detectors
  • Photo beam detectors
  • Video camera

All accessories such as readers, sensors and electronic door locks are not included.
Control hardware, web connectivity and software are provided by Dexa Resources.

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