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Digital Privacy Consulting

Never in history has digital privacy been more important in order to reduce your chances and impacts of cyber attacks leading to tracking, tracing and corruption of data. The role of a Digital Privacy consultant includes just some of the following aspects.

  • Reduce or eliminate tracking and tracing applications and devices
  • Educate the use of crypto currencies with a focus on decentralized privacy based technologies
  • Educate clients on the use of open source technologies including operating systems
  • Integrate the use of decentralized technologies including social networking, finance and communications
  • Help corporations protect transactions using decentralized blockchains that focus on privacy of transactions
  • Reduce your digital footprint to near zero eliminating places for hackers to find back doors and holes in your network
  • Bring the use of decentralized technologies to corporations and individuals in their every day lives
  • Promote full digital ownership of individuals and corporations through the use of decentralized technologies such as blockchain and open source software
  • Reduce reliance on unstable central banking and finance using decentralization banking and alternative web applications
  • Introduce hardware into corporations free from back doors and fully customizable by entities including integration with blockchain applications
  • Advise corporations and individuals on decentralized investment opportunities and walk them through using or setting up these technologies
  • Integrate the use of encryption for corporations that do not use encryption to protect assets, communicate with suppliers and reduce chances of hackers and trackers
  • Migrate centralized digital technologies to decentralized digital technologies using blockchain and advanced encryption
  • Maintain these networks throughout organizations while introducing and integrating new decentralized finance and blockchains designed to protect your digital assets
  • Focusing our clients on privacy by using alternative search platforms and social networks where you get paid to search and paid to post content
  • Position our clients in the right digital assets that will have exponential growth due to world events, tracking, tracing and massive censorship

The above points are just the tip of the iceberg. Digital privacy for the individual and corporation will be an essential part of our future. It will be essential for the growth of industry and protection of corporate property including personnel, patents, intellectual property and personal property. Decentralization plays a critical role in the future of a digital society and corporations who do not plan to use these technologies will get left behind.

Decentralized technologies can reduce the economic effects of war and destabilized regions and nations. It can keep all finance and banking running smooth even if parts of the grid or nation states are effected by climate change, war or civil unrest allowing essential corporate entities to remain functional and immune from hacking and tracking.

In the end if you or your organization do not own private keys from a decentralized network you are not in control of or own your data or digital assets. A digital asset is something you can control whether you are protecting yourself or your organization but this is not through the use of third party applications who claim to protect your decentralized private keys or who run centralized blockchains which is essentially the same as a centralized database filled with back doors allowing hackers to access your data.

Our goal is to organize your digital privacy, lock down digital security and reduce your digital footprint in order to protect assets, protect investments and reduce hacking both domestic and international, eliminate back doors and provide a new form of digital economic stability. All of these things can be achieved today with very well developed decentralized technologies. It is a matter of using them and using them correctly.




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