Indoor Mining

Our Crypto Mining History

Back in 2016 we saw a need for crypto mining grow faster than we could provide power. Everything started with warehouse mining. There were many problems with mining operations inside warehouses and data centers. The build of heat and noise was unmanageable and building upgrades were costly and difficult. We quickly grew the operation into containerized mining. Some of our first clients were mining Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

As the years moved on we saw all kinds of market fluctuations. The markets have been difficult on clients of course you need to have nerves of steel to stay in the crypto market. Regardless, we continued to provide medium sized mining operations power and crypto consulting services now for nearly 9 years. What we have saw was a move from warehouse and data center mining to large MegaWatt facilities. So many of the MegaWatt operations failed miserably with all kinds of stories of broken contracts and unfinished installations. Something is changing in 2024 with the mining industry especially since the halving. There are new miners on the market like the Bitmain KS5 miner that is producing massive profits and using very little electricity. The need for MegaWatt facilties is quickly starting to subside.

We are also expecting a few more trends moving forward. The decentralization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) mining will start to take a form. The power and hosting requirements will be similar but the rigs and implementation will be very different. The demand for alt coin mining will increase especially projects that focus on decentralized applications to replace e-commerce and social media.

Times are changing that is for sure and we are still here to offer the power and fiber connections needed to host mid sized mining operations. Our facility is equipped to host up to $10 million dollars in mining gear and beyond that in AI gear. We continue to help investors host medium sized operations including crypto submersion mining and AI mining and look forward to a very interesting and developing parallel decentralized economy.

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