Software Development

Software development and integration is now a key part of engineering design and one of the most important and most worked on. Our software development team has extensive knowledge in many different software languages and tools.  We develop software applications for hardware which is usually assembly level programming and for the PC which is usually some form of objected oriented programming.

With the rapid development and deployment of smart phones and automated remote control the amount of software projects continues to grow at a rapid rate. From small entities only trying to start a new website to large entities who need smart phone apps, micro-controller programming and remote communications.

Big Data Development & Business Intelligence

Our Big Data Development & BI  expertise can help you understand options that are best suited for your organization.  We will help you understand the technology and how to use your data sets.  Our Proof-of-Concept (PoC) will verify that a new theory has potential by collecting your data, creating usage cases and defining benchmarks.  You will have full access to our prototyping and we will keep you connected 24-7 to the development environment.

<strong>Web Based</strong>

.NET Framework/MySQL
Responsive HTML & SSL
Mobile Apps
Database Development

<strong>Object Oriented</strong>

GUI Development

<strong>Chip Based</strong>


<strong>Data Mining</strong>

Web Automation
Bot Creation
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