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For investors and entrepreneurs product development, research and contract manufacturing is key to making the proper investment decisions.  In addition to installation and design work, we have helped develop the next generation of energy management products. 

Project planning, new manufacturing, new product exposure, engineering analysis, proof of concept, logistics, advanced 3D CAD, circuit board design and layout, rapid prototyping, electric vehicle development, contract manufacturing, employee training, UL process and even marketing is only a small list of these projects.  Don’t make the wrong investment decisions.  Hiring a company with our experience and resources can help you develop a concept into a practical solution saving time and money.


Universities, high schools and interns provide us a relationship that puts our design team into some challenging and futuristic projects.  These projects could be the future of some of the products you will some day see in consumer markets.  We also offer students a way to experience and solve real world problems while getting a feel for working in real world engineering teams.

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