WordPress Theme Bugs

After years of coding websites by hand I decided to move into buying themes. To speed up the process of developing websites html templates really saved a lot time back in the day. But today I am specifically talking about WordPress theme templates. 

As a professional coder for over ten years it exposed me to more than 20 programming languages. Today there are so many different platforms and programming languages that an experienced and well rounded computer scientist is someone who is really a bilingualist. 

The purpose of this blog is to prepare clients and newbys when they decide to purchase WordPress themes online. What I found is templates can contain serious bugs enough to really cause major down time and complete failures of websites.  Keep in mind WordPress itself is a very stable platform. A lot of people want to blame WordPress when a buggy template or plugin fails them. 

Rememeber every template or plugin is also another possible door for a hacker. So keep your plugins to a minimum and use templates that have good ratings. Never develop on a live site. Purchase an account on a production server with a dedicated IP.

When shopping for template you will notice there is almost never an option to try before you buy. If you can convince a developer or reseller to try before you buy you will be in much better shape. During the test phase load it up. Try to break it on your development site. If your not sure about a template or have a broken template feel free to give me a call. Trying to break others code and then fix it is part of what I do on a daily basis. 

In conclusion most of the paid for templates in the market today are very buggy. Some minor but a majority major. Unfortunately the problem stems from inexperienced coders who only write unorganized code and never try to debug it before they sell it.  Many users get stuck with templates that one day bring thier entire website to a screeching halt.

Updated: 04/20/2019 — 11:50 am

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