3D CAD for high school students

One of the most important courses to prepare future engineers that should be required for high school students across the United States is some form of three dimensional computer aided drawing.  Just as typing was a requirement in the late 1900s there is no denying that we are now in a computer aided world.  High school students time and time again are learning skills that are decades behind the times.  Students are still writing and printing documents which are skills that will slowly but surely fade into history.

Students who want to become engineers are not properly prepared for college or the real world.  Skills such as basic programming, typing, calculus and three dimensional CAD should be learned well in advance before any college engineering program.  The ability for students to communicate ideas through advanced drawing programs through their PCs will better prepare them for higher paying jobs and more interesting projects.

Schools are governed by regulation and standardized testing.  Sometimes its a loosing battle to introduce courses that are not required but are known to actually benefit students.  Private schools usually have more opportunities to introduce these type of courses and schools outside of North America are under less restrictions letting them introduce many unique courses.

Courses that involve programming, CAD and other computer interactive learning could even be achieved online reducing the need to hire additional teachers.  Its a new trend which stems off of online college degrees.  It gives students and institutions opportunities to excel their educational goals and provide students with skills for the 21st century.

Updated: 04/20/2019 — 12:12 pm

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