With over 75 years of combined experience in engineering, hi-tech and energy, the Dexa Resources team has a common goal of being the leader in engineering integration. We are a company that inspires its workers to be the best they can be.

  General Manager | Darius Tarsio

Darius is an electrical engineer with over ten years of experience wiring residential and commercial electrical systems and over five years experience in contract manufacturing, software development, semiconductor research and engineering design.  He has been a real world hands on engineer for most of his career and who is not afraid of taking on difficult and challenging projects.

Along with hands on solar installations after a BS in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University he has taken courses in alternative energy and professional solar installation at the Farmingdale State University Solar Energy Institute in Farmingdale, NY.  This is one of the largest solar research centers in the United States and is what got him more interested in the industry.  Darius has been in renewable energy for well over ten years.  He began engineering consulting after receiving an MBA in international business from the University of Dallas, Irving TX.

Darius has managed renewable power installations, maintained, inspected, designed, and can even explain how solar energy works right down to the P-N junction.  In his previous career he has worked with construction, logistics, sales and business development as well as engineering, R&D and production management.  Darius also spends a portion of his time mentoring and teaching high school and college students about engineering by participating in a variety of hands on green energy projects, seminars and professional lectures.

Darius continues to lecture and bring educational information about hi-tech industries and makes appearances at many different trade shows and technology events.  Over the years he has developed many management skills and continues to grow his career as an innovative and dedicated engineer and entrepreneur.

  Engineering tech and motor specialist | Nathan Parrow

Nathan started tinkering with electronics as a young adult, taking apart old tv’s and harvesting the components to make other devices.  Later he developed an interest in pro audio and video production while starting his first company producing high end wedding videos.  During that time Nathan designed and built church AV systems to allow churches to produce live program streams on the internet, distribution on DVD as well as running projection systems and radio broadcasts.

When the video industry switched to hi-def he began to switch gears and began to focus on the hardware side.  With over twelve years of experience working as an electronics technician on large automated electrical and mechanical equipment he began to also focus on robotics, control systems and the green industry.

Nathan’s interest in environmental engineering started several years ago.  He has been working with various motor and high end electric vehicle control systems for over five years.  Nathan holds a certification as a licensed electric vehicle technician.  In his career, Nathan has also designed and machined components for the green industry and has frequently been in research and development environments.

Nathan has prototyped various components for several industries and has over ten years experience managing electrical and mechanical component production runs.  Nathan has well over ten years of hands on real world experience in engineering, R&D and production.

  Business development manager | Dale Swope

Dale Swope is responsible for all aspects of marketing and sales including new product development, partner relationships and alliances.

Dale has nearly 20 years experience that includes executive sales and marketing positions at several public and start up technology companies, including Televideo, Neoware, Kalamazoo, and Dascom.

Dale is committed to the advancement of the hi-tech industry and spends time educating and speaking to organizations, is a member of the American Solar Energy Society and North Texas Renewable Energy Group.  He holds a B.A. from Western Michigan University.

  Integration project manager | Troy Amason

Troy’s first 29 years in the fire service gave him a strong base in safety minded operation as well as an understanding of construction limitation in regards to weight and stress.  Troy has been in construction related fields since the beginning of his career.  Because this industry presents some difficult projects, his experience in rigging and hoisting has actually been an asset to our group.

He has had over 20 years in almost every aspect of residential and commercial construction from setting and finishing foundations to interior finish all the way through roofing.  He has managed many construction teams in his past and enjoys working in the green industry.  His hands on experience with integrating and installing environment products is growing quickly.  His first venture and what sparked his interest into renewable energy a couple years ago was a “do it yourself” wind turbine project.


  Marketing / web / e-commerce | Ryan Tyler

Ryan has over 15 years of marketing  and data mining experience.  In his career he has developed marketing plans for over twenty medium and large sized corporations.  He has marketed both products and services and been on many creative marketing teams.  Ryan has also been in a research and development environment and knows the challenges of bringing new products and services to very new markets.  Ryan also has a strong background in logistics management and has helped many new companies start e-commerce.

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