2022 Dexa Resources Top Coin Picks

Many of our clients have been asking for our decentralized coin recommendations. What to mine and what to invest in. Since we have been in the mining space for several years we do have a lot of knowledge in the crypto space.

Monero – XMR

Pirate Chain – ARRR

Dero – DERO

Equilibria – XEQ


Oxen – OXEN

Privacy technology is the newest trend in the crypto space with limitless potential. Right now the coins are cheap and the technology is already running in production. All other coins will not matter as AI tracking becomes the norm and reduces the ability for the free market to operate. Individuals and corporations will need to protect their financial privacy using the tools above. The potential gains on privacy coins will easily surpass Bitcoin in the next two years.

Above are some of the top coins that do not expose public ledgers and provide private smart contracts. We have provided a link for each crypto project. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these projects. Our team can help discuss the technology with you outlining many of the benefits of our 2022 top crypto coin picks.

WARNING 2022 Bottom Coin Picks – Cryptos To Avoid At All Cost WARNING

These are the coins are to be avoided in 2022. Tracked, traced and centralized. There is reason to believe Ripple is operating a centralized permission based blockchain. The problem with these technologies is your business is at very high risk because of public ledgers. Competitors know your every move making you less competitive and more open to hackers and AI. Would you want everyone to know what is in your bank account? Avoid investing in these coins and read about the new technologies that will offer maximum protection for individuals and businesses. Expect much lower value in these coins as people move over to safe private crypto currencies.

Bitcoin – BTC

Ethereum – ETH

Ripple – XRP

Chainlink – LINK

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