All portfolio images are high resolution.  Depending on your internet connection speed portfolio pages may take up to one minute to load.

In our portfolio you will find some of our past projects and understand our past experience, work and capabilities.  As of January 2014 we are no longer working directly on construction projects.  We continue to provide engineering design and project management for projects that require construction.  If requested we can inspect field work and provide our field experience.  We will not share every project because we respect the privacy of our clients. 



Non-disclosure agreements are taken very seriously and clients can be sure that the development of their project is protected and will not be shared.  Most software and hardware development projects are under non-disclosure so we will not be able to share these kind of projects.

Open Source

Sometimes we have some open source CAD drawings and code available.  This includes mobile applications code.  We believe that after some projects are completed they should be available as open source in order to continue engineering development by non-profits, other organizations and the public. We will post information about these packages and projects on our blog or forum.  You can also click the link below to take you to our free downloads page.

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