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Manufacturing can produce many problems.  Costs, overhead, design time, set up time, taxation, geographic location.  All of which can make or break an organization.  To remain globally competitive today organizations are forced to look at alternatives.  There are some processes that are better handled by outsourcing.  This is where we help clients bring a product from the development phase to the production phase.  This could include 3D CAD design or CNC machining services for specific parts in a production line. 

All applications of engineering are used in the development of products.  From electrical through mechanical and environmental engineers, we provide the multiple disciplines to provide the needs for our customers. 

Some of our projects may include but are not limited to large scale grid tie integration, electric vehicle infrastructure, critical backup power, solar spectroradiometer and irradiance mapping, wind feasibility analysis and the development of storage technologies.


Contract Manufacturing

Most clients are faced with setting up a production line after the engineering phase.  We have two geographic locations in order to set up medium sized production lines. 

Our primary contract manufacturing facility is located in Wichita Falls, Texas which is located one hour north west of Dallas, Texas.  Wichita Falls, Texas provides great resources for our clients including subcontracting services and a central location close to a major city and major highways. We have over 200,000 square feet of storage and a manufacturing facility that can handle your specific project.  This is a zoned heavy industrial site with no manufacturing restrictions, 24 hour operations are allowed and 24-7 security.  We are geographically located in the center of the United States which reduces shipping costs to California and New York. 

Our Wichita Falls, Texas contract manufacturing facility location is 5 minutes from all major shipping carriers which includes UPS, FexEx and several freight services.  Sheppard Air Force Base is only 10 minutes from our facility and provides regional and international flights.   For international customers our shipping port is Houston, Texas.  

Our second facility is located in Gunter, Texas 40 minutes north of Dallas, TX.  Currently this site is over 40,000 square feet zoned lite industrial and is currently only available for commercial storage.

Cost of manufacturing is always an important part of a successful product line and you can use a Made in USA logo if all assembly is done in our North America location.  Depending on your production line and complexity of specific parts, some pieces of your project will just be cheaper to source through international fabricators. In this case we will use subcontracting services from our Latin America location or consult with Asian suppliers.

Contract manufacturing space

Major shipping ports

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