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Hi-Tech, manufacturing, distribution and other types of businesses are always looking to reduce expenses. Location plays a big role in reducing operational costs. We have decades of experience improving business process and more than twenty years commercial construction with emphasis in hi-tech, electrical, electronics and manufacturing businesses. Our team is here to reduce expenses and make organizations more profitable.

One of the easiest ways to reduce expenses is to operate in business-friendly states or consider moving operations overseas. States that have access to low electricity rates, cheaper rent with larger space and land, easier permitting and construction, cheaper property taxes and no state income tax can significantly reduce business operation expenses just by moving to these states. For example, the Midwest has proven to be a much better place to establish medium and large business operations in the last ten years. We have over twenty years’ experience living and working in Midwest Cities and South America. Living expenses and growing resources in these areas are helping startups and established businesses focus on their product and service and not bureaucratic and city regulations, high rent and high real estate.


For example, one area of focus is Wichita Falls, Texas. This smaller city with a major air force base is outfitted with business services such as metal shops, distribution centers, UPS, DHL, international shippers, steel suppliers, hardware supply, welding supply, plumbing supply, electrical supply, tool suppliers, electronics manufacturing, malls, shopping centers and access to just about any raw material you can think of. There is even a municipal airport that fly’s to any major city. Wichita Falls is one hour outside the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex and with a population of 100,000+ has more business resources than most suburbs in California. Texas in general is an oil and industrial state but its very attractive to distribution and manufacturing because of its central location, zero state income tax, low rent and industrial resources. These smaller cities packed with industrial resources, comfortable living and no traffic are simply sleeping giants.


For businesses who are looking for a different setting all together Mexico used to be the number one move. But today with cartels taking full control of Mexico’s government and the loss of tourism this market is simply too dangerous to consider moving an entire business operation. Our team has operated out of South America since 2010 and the market in South America is very different. In stable countries such as Brazil, Peru and Chili economies have been stable since the early 2000s. Corporations get to reduce operational costs in many ways. Rent, labor, taxes are the three top reasons for moving operations to South America. Even feeding your employees will be significantly cheaper.


Other reasons for moving operations are South America is in the same time zone as the United Sates making it easier to work normal hours between the two countries, Peru and other countries participate in free trade, South Americans generally speak better English than countries like India or China and climate. Climate can save a lot of money. When you live near the equator it is the most temperate climate in the world. This means for most operations you will never incur heating or cooling costs. As a matter of fact, your organization will probably never install an air conditioner or heater aside from maybe the customer service area but it’s not necessary. It is easier and cheaper to outfit a facility with utilities such as electric and plumbing because permitting is easier than the United States and if your brand is multi-national you could sell your product in both countries. If you decide to add renewable energy to supplement your electric costs regulations are minimal and you can also operate near hydroelectric facilities. Countries like Peru do not have governments who can seize property and operate on a more democratic driven society that grants property ownership to the people and does not violate these rights.


Maybe your organization occupies 100,000+ square feet and is fully automated with robotics and machinery and California, New York or Chicago is eating up profits or your planning a startup. Our team is here to provide a business analysis and help execute a move. We provide a team of managers that will find a location, negotiate leases, hire new employees, set up the facility with electrical or custom layouts, move and set up equipment and monitor initial operations.

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