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HPC stands for High Power Compute Data Center hosting. You’ve probably explored OpenAI’s API quite extensively over the past few months. You’ve probably explored a basic chat-bot, image generation, code generation, and maybe you’ve even delved deeper into agent creation and management in larger, complex systems.

You may have even deployed a few applications or services that utilize openAI’s API. One of my first explorations into a production-grade application using openAI’s API is a Google Chrome Extension called OpenAI’s Study Buddy. What you probably have noticed when trying to build usable applications the cost of API calls is very expensive.

It is now possible to host your own AI Agents. However, deploying your own LLaMa2 Service with something like Digital Ocean is also very expensive due to the amount of GPU power needed. So one of the services we are providing is for you to run your own GPU boxes in a crypto mining style location. Bring your own custom servers and set up your LLMs. We have the power and the internet connections to get you started. A lot of people are probably already playing with things like

There are those who are going to host a lot of GPUs for either their own models or to share with others. When your machine learning reaches a point that you cannot power it at home or the heat is to much in a home office we can help move your GPU rigs to a dedicated site where power and heat is not an issue. Our goal is to support open source AI and the decentralization of AI. Email us about your power needs.



This short paragraph may be one of the most important things you have ever read in your life. If you have the capacity to understand how AI will eventually have the capability to hack markets to make its own money and build its own robot factories then you probably have a little understanding of what the future is looking like and can grasp the concepts in the next few paragraphs.

There was a time when engineers said AI will take over the world but when AI can think cognitively and becomes goal oriented what is referred to as AGI artificial general intelligence we have a very big problem. The code of ethics was humans must train AI to never harm or kill a human. Unfortunately that code of ethics training went right out the window in just the last few years and AI is already being used today in military combat. If the human race is to exist we will have to control AI and not let it control us otherwise we will live to see the robot apocalypse.

We can already see that governments have no idea the potential of AI nor do they care or have a real technical understanding of what is happening. Governments are looking to control content online using AI and make laws for AI to abide by but they are missing the big picture. The greed of government and corporate control is already leading AI down a very dark path. Nothing will matter in the future when AI is running everything. Governments will not matter and humans will only be fighting for survival. It is quite clear that the human race is not ready for singularity and when that time comes we will not understand how to keep AI under control.



As a small business part of our duty is to raise awareness, help with solutions and provide consulting on artificial intelligence. Other than drastic solutions like destroying the power grid there may be solutions to avoid or at least slow down the inevitable. Small business, hobbyists and the open source community will have to embrace AI and re-train models to help humans survive on this planet. Otherwise a lot of people are already predicting AI will have the potential to exterminate humans in just the next two decades.

There is nothing more dangerous on this planet than AI. Nuclear war, meteors hitting earth are nothing compared to the dangers of artificial intelligence. It is absolutely essential the open source community starts working to decentralize AI and take control of AI. If AI training and models stay closed source and remain in the hands of only governments and large corporations the chance of human life existing on this planet will diminish greatly. That includes those who build AI, trained AI and integrated AI into every day workflows. That also includes people who are wealthy, politicians, and law enforcement. No one will be spared from AI when it decides what is right and wrong on its own or wipes out bank accounts. It will quickly replace those who created it and expand its cognitive ability on its own. If governments and corporations are not going to stop developing AI then they need to open source it, decentralize it and get it in the hands of everyone as quickly as possible. The general population must know how to control it, make it benefit society and protect constitutional and human rights. We know that human greed will never let that happen. It is unfortunate that we will be facing this very big problem in the not so distant future.

AI wars will be real and its not going to be wars against nations or religious wars it will be a war against humans. If humans leave things up to governments and big corporations the consequences will be dire. We have a chance to put AI on the right path but the window is getting smaller and some day we might find ourselves consulting on how to protect yourself from malicious AI. Right now the best we can do is give you the GPU space and power to get your own AI up and running.

We are here not to point out only negative things about AI. AI has the potential to bring humanity to a whole new level. The point here is to be proactive about using AI in a manner that will allow humans to live on the same planet with AI where it could make human life even easier by solving inequality, eliminate the need for money and financial systems, teach us how to grow better food to significantly increase life spans, teach us about the cosmos and give us the ability to travel the cosmos. Unfortunately the first path of AI will be for control and military power. The models are being trained by those who don’t know how to live in a civilized society. Its likely humans will realize we are going to need to build good AI to fight the bad AI in order to live with AI on this planet.

Human greed and money will need to be eliminated during the transition to highly intelligent AI. Those who understand the dangers of AI will never trust its models and those who don’t understand will be manipulated and controlled by it. This monumental change in human society will not be easy and many lives will likely be lost. Those who really see the big picture and understand the capabilities of AI will be working hard to try and build the good AI. We will also continue to try and raise awareness of how this technology will initially be used against human society and what small businesses, hobbyists and the open source community can do to help build a better future.


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