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We do not actually make any fuels.  We can provide clients with the skills and knowledge they need in order to make bio-fuels or run straight vegetable oil.  Biofuels are typically used in place of petro-diesel.  Any diesel engine can accept bio-fuels.  Actually the diesel engine was designed for bio-fuels.  Since producing electric engines to drive large trucks and heavy equipment is currently not very practical, bio-fuels are becoming mainstream in trucks, buses and heavy equipment as an alternative fuel source.  Bio-fuels are generally cheaper to make and can be better for the environment if properly used.

Storage Options

  • straight vegetable oil
  • steel frames and anti-static tanks
  • thick wall high density polyethylene thermoplastic welded tanks
  • stainless steel tanks

Bio-diesel Main Ingredients

  • straight vegetable oil
  • waste vegetable oils
  • waste cooking oils
  • animal fats

Bio-diesel Benefits

  • biodiesel is cheaper than fossil fuels ( petrodiesel )
  • their is no need for engine modifications
  • biodiesel can be mixed with regular diesel fuel
  • engines that use biodiesel actually last longer
  • biodiesel is as easy to make as baking bread
  • small amounts of biodiesel lubricate engine parts
  • biodiesel does not change the fuel economy of your vehicle
  • save 50%-70% off yearly fuel bills

Bio-diesel Characteristics

  • safer and cleaner than diesel
  • biodiesel burns 75% cleaner than diesel fuel
  • vegetable based fuel with no CO2 emissions
  • no black fumes or harsh smells
  • reduces risks or birth defects and cancer
  • biodiesel is four times more efficient than petrodiesel

Bio-diesel Dry Wash

  • filter and heat waste oils to 120 degrees
  • drain off excess glycerol during bio-reaction process
  • let fuel sit in 8 hour settling tank
  • add magnesol powder and mix
  • transfer to polishing tank to remove excess moisture

Bio-diesel Wet Wash

  • filter waste oils from debris
  • heat oils to 120 degrees and titrate
  • mix lye and methanol with oils
  • drain out glycerin
  • wash biodiesel with water
  • drain out water
  • run through biodiesel processor to produce clean fuel

Running Straight Vegetable Oil

  • easier than making Bio-diesel
  • safer wash and filtering methods
  • cheaper supply of ingredients and materials
  • smells like a barbeque
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