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Product Development Life Cycle

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.” ― James Dyson Episode Info In 1979, James Dyson had an idea for a new vacuum cleaner — one that didn’t use bags. It took him five years to perfect the design, building more than 5,000 prototypes in his backyard shed. He then tried to convince the big vacuum brands to license his invention, but most wouldn’t even take his calls. Eventually, he started his own company. Today, Dyson is one of the best-selling vacuum brands in the world, and James Dyson is a billionaire. PLUS for our postscript “How You Built That,” how Theresa Stotesbury made a business out of fake blood — a synthetic material that helps create a realistic crime scene for police training. Listen

Electric Demand Charge

Commercial power distribution costs in Texas / Oklahoma. Below is a simple explanation of how these costs are calculated on your electric bill. In addition to your electricity rate Texas & Oklahoma charge for power distribution otherwise known as demand charges. Since a lot of our clients are big power users these costs can be significant but are usually not a problem for businesses who understand how they are being charged. Even with demand distribution charges overall power is still much cheaper than states like California or New York.   Demand charges are relatively fixed aside from “rachet” charges that can carry over several months. Rachet charges can be a problem for businesses who do not sustain demand throughout the year. If you understand how this works you can accurately plan your yearly electric bill. Lets use a simple example. Texas New Mexico Power charges $10/kW. Your operation peaks at…

Bitcoin Transactions

Pay With Bitcoins in Three Easy Steps 1.) Download the Android App called Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin Wallet developers.  After you download it in the top right hand corner you will see a bar code.  Click that and then this will show your public key.  Looks like a big number with letters 1NZf534FC etc.  You will need that in order to transfer the bitcoins into your wallet or get payments from other people.  That is your wallet public key ID which is dynamic so you will have to send a different one per transaction. I suggest you back up the wallet on Dropbox.  Backup is under the menu safety.  Backups are all password protected and encrypted.   2.) Purchase some Bitcoins with a credit/debit card at Indacoin. There will charge a little fee basically a credit card fee but then Indecoin will send some discount coupons to make up…

Moving Servers Tips And Tricks

Your website hosting service may not be cutting it.  Is it time to move to a new host? Most services claim that they can provide 99.9% up time but is it really true. Even some of the best server hosting companies are not meeting their claims. Shared web hosting today is not the same as it was in the early 2000s.  Back then you were not hosting your website on a single server that have more than 1000 customers.  It was more likely to purchase a very cheap shared hosting plan with less than 100 websites on one server.  Shared hosting plans are a great start for developing a website but in the long run they will never be able to handle even basic traffic.  And to top that off most of them are battling down time and server abuse.  Now a days there is so much more scamming and…

Envato Market What You Need To Know To Get Your Money Back

So I wanted to briefly blog about my first experience with products.  Envato is an online place to buy themes, plugins and code for website design. They are a giant in the market and are a subsidiary of They began around 2006 and grew into a giant in just a few years. This blog is not to explain who or what they are.  There are many places you can get more information about this company based out of Australia.   Well lets get down to business. What I found is they do not support what they sell nor do they offer much in terms of credits for downloading broken themes or bad code. We are just one in thousands of blogs that have had the same experience with buying a product from their website and hoping it will save time. Its quite the contrary because you will end up…
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