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Bitcoin Transactions

Pay With Bitcoins in Three Easy Steps 1.) Download the Android App called Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin Wallet developers.  After you download it in the top right hand corner you will see a bar code.  Click that and then this will show your public key.  Looks like a big number with letters 1NZf534FC etc.  You will need that in order to transfer the bitcoins into your wallet or get payments from other people.  That is your wallet public key ID which is dynamic so you will have to send a different one per transaction. I suggest you back up the wallet on Dropbox.  Backup is under the menu safety.  Backups are all password protected and encrypted.   2.) Purchase some Bitcoins with a credit/debit card at Indacoin. There will charge a little fee basically a credit card fee but then Indecoin will send some discount coupons to make up…

Moving Servers Tips And Tricks

Your website hosting service may not be cutting it.  Is it time to move to a new host? Most services claim that they can provide 99.9% up time but is it really true. Even some of the best server hosting companies are not meeting their claims. Shared web hosting today is not the same as it was in the early 2000s.  Back then you were not hosting your website on a single server that have more than 1000 customers.  It was more likely to purchase a very cheap shared hosting plan with less than 100 websites on one server.  Shared hosting plans are a great start for developing a website but in the long run they will never be able to handle even basic traffic.  And to top that off most of them are battling down time and server abuse.  Now a days there is so much more scamming and…

Envato Market What You Need To Know To Get Your Money Back

So I wanted to briefly blog about my first experience with products.  Envato is an online place to buy themes, plugins and code for website design. They are a giant in the market and are a subsidiary of They began around 2006 and grew into a giant in just a few years. This blog is not to explain who or what they are.  There are many places you can get more information about this company based out of Australia.   Well lets get down to business. What I found is they do not support what they sell nor do they offer much in terms of credits for downloading broken themes or bad code. We are just one in thousands of blogs that have had the same experience with buying a product from their website and hoping it will save time. Its quite the contrary because you will end up…

Where Should Developers Sell Their Code

As a developer for private organizations I started to really understand the distribution network currently available for developers online.  It consists of several large players. They include Mojo Themes, Elegant Themes who does not use third party distribution the right way to do it, Authentic themes, Graph paper press, Press75, Aliewp and then there is a group who are all basically the same company.  This is the largest player of them all, the Envato Market which consists of themeforest, codecanyon, videohive, audiojungle, graphicriver, photodune, 3docean and activeden.  The Envato market is somehow related to each of its partners which is not always clear but business policies are inherited in some form or another. So you are developing new code for some application such as WordPress or JoomLa.  Your code works great and you want to provide a very reasonable price with excellent support for your customers.  I bet the first…

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire An Engineering Consultant

The job market today has changed dramatically.  Corporations are looking for better and cheaper ways to hire new employees.  But is full time employment the most efficient way?  Lets discuss a few reasons why hiring professional consulting firms can grow your business faster than hiring employees. Reason 1: First lets talk about how much value an engineering consulting firm can bring to your business.  A professional engineering consulting firm is going to have a great deal of engineering knowledge that you could not achieve from a single employee.  No matter what your hiring process is no testing or extensive interview process is going to determine if the new hire is going to perform to your standards.  Its a fact that many people lie on their resumes in order to land the job and most people are just not cut out for the position.  Reason 2: When you hire employees the…

Geo Blocking

Geo Blocking – Does it really benefit your organization?  Do you really want to block possible global opportunities? We have noticed a great deal of corporations who feel it is necessary to Geo Block their web domains.  For example lets discuss a well known website. is a very popular commercial real estate website in the United States.  They made a corporate decision a few months ago to block most of South America and other nations from accessing their site. In most cases Geo Blocking is for security problems and price control this is the reason why Geo Blocking really started but maybe you do not realize there are literally millions of American citizens living and working outside of the United States who either own property in the United States or are looking for property in the states.  Some are looking for commercial space in the states for branching a…

Fuel Cells & Natural Gas

Fuel Cells and Natural Gas The practicality of fuel cells is years away.  The supply of fuel cells is small and the technology is so expensive that it would costs enormous amounts of money to build a fuel cell vehicle that was in any way practical.  One of the other downfalls is you still need fuel and the infrastructure of fueling stations is non-existent. Fuel cell vehicles will take some time to enter mainstream or they may never enter mainstream at all.  We may be involved with the development of the fuel cell but for now we stick with what is practical, cost effective, works well and is past the proof of concept stage.  Most people like the fact that electric vehicle technology eliminates their dependence on any kind of fuel.  The use of natural gas will mostly benefit heavy equipment and trucks.…

Bio Fuels

BioFuels We do not actually make any fuels.  We can provide clients with the skills and knowledge they need in order to make bio-fuels or run straight vegetable oil.  Biofuels are typically used in place of petro-diesel.  Any diesel engine can accept bio-fuels.  Actually the diesel engine was designed for bio-fuels.  Since producing electric engines to drive large trucks and heavy equipment is currently not very practical, bio-fuels are becoming mainstream in trucks, buses and heavy equipment as an alternative fuel source.  Bio-fuels are generally cheaper to make and can be better for the environment if properly used. Storage Options straight vegetable oil steel frames and anti-static tanks thick wall high density polyethylene thermoplastic welded tanks stainless steel tanks Bio-diesel Main Ingredients straight vegetable oil waste vegetable oils waste cooking oils animal fats Bio-diesel Benefits biodiesel is cheaper than fossil fuels ( petrodiesel ) their is no need for engine…

Paperless Organizations

The migration to paperless operations varies for many organizations.  Its astonishing how many large organizations are not paperless in 2015.  The problem is paper trails for older organizations are long and sometimes full of holes or business processes that continue to require a paper trail.  In South America its even worse.  Paper trails in large organizations in South America and developing countries are destroying customer service.  In fact paper trails in South America are so bad that if someone looses a receipt they could be out of a product warranty or replacement even if they paid for the service.  We are in 2015 where smart phones can do just about anything and still even cell phone providers are using paper everywhere.  Paperless is something we specialize in and its a very important part of the growth of an organization and with proper planning any business process can migrate into 100%…

SSL And Website Security

There are many aspects to the security of websites let alone the security of your PC. Lets discuss some of the reasons you would want a secure site and then some of the reasons why more advanced site security is really not that necessary. TYPE OF SECURITY First of it really depends on what you intend to store or what kind of transactions your website is going to perform. For example online shopping may be storing credit card information. In this case site security is a must. Most online shopping will store the credit card information for short periods of time during a transaction or pass this information from PC to server. But usually this information is removed and never stored in the database. The reason being because most hackers are trying to get into the main database and find the most critical information. What they want is customer information…

Mobile Development

A mobile app runs on the mobile phone platform creating a user shortcut and an interface that has been optimized for the mobile device that is being used. It then can access the same content that you would access using a website. There are benefits and drawbacks but the main thing a client should think about is trying to make a website at least hybrid mobile friendly. If you are planning on mobile app development you should talk with us about the benefits and drawbacks to mobile apps.  In most cases a mobile app can provide a great benefit for the business but in some cases a responsive website will be enough to market your product and services. Keep in mind there are many applications and situations where mobile just does not play a role because of the size of the devices and the lack of user interface.  However, this…
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