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Discussions about electric vehicles.

World Fuel Costs

World Fuel Costs Did you know that we pay as much to fuel up our vehicles in two years as the value of the vehicle.  This happens almost always with SUVs and trucks and is becoming more of a reality as the price of fossil fuel more than triples.  Did you know that many nations we import fuel from sell fuel for less than the cost of water! Europe does pay more for fuel than the United States but they have a very different lifestyle that allows for higher prices.  The United States is a big place, especially Texas.  Our commute and driving is more than double the European lifestyle.  Public transportation is poor in many states which makes us rely on fuels for transportation more than most nations.  Comparing our fuel prices with higher prices in Europe is a poor comparison and only leads to excuses and barriers to…

EV Development

Out with the old in with the new Buying a 100% electric vehicle can raise many questions.  Where do I service them, how do I charge them, how many miles can I drive, what do they cost?  We do not design or work on hybrids or series hybrid vehicles, only futuristic vehicles which are pure electrics and contain much more intelligence than vehicles today. Electric vehicles are low maintenance cars with long lasting engines that require very little service.  As a matter of fact electric vehicles contain 60% less parts than gasoline and hybrid engines.  In the future electric vehicles could drastically reduce revenues for corporations who continue to manufacture inefficient ICEs (internal combustion engines).  Their are several reasons for so few electric cars on the road today which do NOT benefit the consumer. Reduced vehicle maintenance could reduce corporate revenues Longer lasting vehicles would mean less new vehicle sales…

EV Integration

Electric Vehicle Integration – EV’s Our team has over ten years experience repairing, building and developing parts for electric vehicles.  EV’s have a variety of controls systems, battery management and other parts that need upgrades and constant maintenance. Many options also exist for custom high end conversions such as performance, racing, energy storage and increased range that are not available in production electric vehicles.  Having these options provides advantages for custom builds in many different electric vehicle applications. Plug in hybrid upgrades Neighborhood electric vehicles Electric trucks and vans Maintenance and repair Custom electric builds Charge station control modules Efficiency control modules Smart grid interactive controls Custom high performance Performance / range improvements Storage technology development Battery upgrades and hot swaps Electric Trucks:    Branding – Advertising – Maintenance – Upgrades…

Charging Stations

Many electric vehicle charging stations were installed across the United States during the green boom between 2008-2013.  Government incentive programs paid for companies to install charge stations in select locations.  The problem is people are not using the charging stations as much as was expected.  The cost of charging you car at a charging station is much higher than at home which reverses any savings by buying an electric vehicle.  The big question is who is really using charging stations and were all the installation worth tax payers money? Vehicle system upgrades Charge station integration Vehicle range upgrades (truck and automobile) High performance custom racing…

EV Platforms

For those of you that are building custom electric vehicles.  Here is a little blog about some of the platforms for a custom electric vehicle. Their are several very stable and economic high quality platforms.  A platform can either be a brand new vehicle, a recycled used vehicle a production vehicle or a high end vehicle kit.  Used vehicles are stripped of their internal combustion engines and replaced with an electric drive train.  A platform does not have to be a production car and in many cases is not a production vehicle at all.  Platform vehicles give the option of single or fleet vehicle production. Sports Platforms Designed for long range and high performance this type of EV is the highest in its class. All electric drive trains with high end flashy sports platforms. Both high performance and longest ranges 50-250 mile range 0-60mph in less than 8 seconds 4-6…

EV Info

Charging an Electric Car The charging system in an electric car has two goals which consist of pumping electricity into the batteries as quickly as the batteries will allow and to monitor the batteries and avoid damaging them during the charging process. The most sophisticated charging systems monitor battery voltage, current flow and battery temperature to minimize charging time.  The charger sends as much current as it can without raising battery temperature too much.  Less sophisticated chargers might monitor voltage or amperage only and make certain assumptions about average battery characteristics.  A charger like this might apply maximum current to the batteries up through 80 percent of their capacity, and then cut the current back to some preset level for the final 20 percent to avoid overheating batteries. Many electric cars actually have two different charging systems.  One system accepts 120-volt or 240-volt power from a normal electrical outlet.  The…

EV Challenge

Each year we are always very excited to bring our expertise and knowledge to solar car races.  High schools from all over the nation compete in this endurance event. Our mission is to provide alternative solutions in the automobile industry.  Reduce the carbon footprint of cars, trucks and SUV’s by providing money saving commuter vehicle alternatives.  Educate and provide clients and students with cost effective high quality electric vehicle consulting.  Provide maintenance and repair services for electric vehicles while developing long term client relations and developing new electric vehicle components.…
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