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Out with the old in with the new

Buying a 100% electric vehicle can raise many questions.  Where do I service them, how do I charge them, how many miles can I drive, what do they cost?  We do not design or work on hybrids or series hybrid vehicles, only futuristic vehicles which are pure electrics and contain much more intelligence than vehicles today.

Out with the old in with the new

Buying a 100% electric vehicle can raise many questions.  Where do I service them, how do I charge them, how many miles can I drive, what do they cost?  We do not design or work on hybrids or series hybrid vehicles, only futuristic vehicles which are pure electrics and contain much more intelligence than vehicles today.

Electric vehicles are low maintenance cars with long lasting engines that require very little service.  As a matter of fact electric vehicles contain 60% less parts than gasoline and hybrid engines.  In the future electric vehicles could drastically reduce revenues for corporations who continue to manufacture inefficient ICEs (internal combustion engines).  Their are several reasons for so few electric cars on the road today which do NOT benefit the consumer.

  • Reduced vehicle maintenance could reduce corporate revenues
  • Longer lasting vehicles would mean less new vehicle sales
  • Electric outperforms gas engines by more than 10 times
  • Hybrid vehicles only provide very small fuel savings
  • The need for fossil fuels to power vehicles could very well be eliminate


Efficient vehicles have been around for a long time.  The Geo Metro XFi was built in 89′-94′ and is over 55 mpg.  Far less cost and better mpg than any hybrid or series hybrid vehicle today.

The EV1 was a complete electric car built in the 1990’s with a NiMH battery pack that produced 120-150 miles per charge and was pulled from the market because of many of the reasons above.  Vehicles like the EV1 come and go because corporate entities are required to bring their average yearly miles per gallon production line up when regulations are put in place.  Some of these regulations allow them to actually increase production of innefficient vehicles until regulations are dropped.  Another possible reason why the EV1 was pulled from the market just in time to market and sell more internal combustion engines.

Diesel engines are fuel efficient vehicles lasting well beyond a half million miles and are more than twice as efficient as gasoline engines.  Electric and highly efficient vehicle technology is not a new technology by any means.

12 Advantages of Owning an Electric Vehicle

1.) No more worry about fuel price increases. When a storm hits and knocks out the power your EV is still chugging along like nothing happened while everyone else waits in line at the only gas station in town with gas generators powering the gas pumps.

2.) With the cost of fuel at about $2.00/gallon its still less than $1.00 of electricity to charge and drive the same range as $2.00 of gasoline.  Imagine when the prices hit $4.00 again and you are still driving at less than $1.00 of electricity for the same range.

3.) To top things off you can get about 3kW of solar on your roof and charge your EV for FREE.

4.) Electric vehicles are completely quiet.  They call them “get away cars” because you can’t hear them at all, especially at a stop light.

5.) Smooth riding machine.  0-60 miles per hour is so smooth no gasoline engine could match the acceleration performance.

6.) EVs are super smart.  The can be programed to your liking, tie them into your home and in the future you can drive them with a remote control.  Imagine calling up your EV in the parking lot.

7.) Unique isn’t the word for it.  You will have a crowd everywhere you go surrounding your car.  Already had it happen to us many times.

8.) Here is my favorite.  Spilling diesel all over yourself on the way to a meeting after you had to wait in line at the pumps.  Enough said.

9.) By the way we don’t believe in hybrids or series hybrids.  A complete waste of engineering time.  Hybrids do nothing for the future and are an engineering nightmare not to mention a maintenance nightmare.  They are still internal combustion machines.  The only reason they appeal to people is because they are not completely electric and are cheaper.  People are scared of something completely different so major car companies are trying to slowly introduce everyone to all electric cars.  As the value of these vehicles drop the value and quality of our cars are much higher and will remain this way through the life of the vehicle.

10.) Long miles, little maintenance aside from popping out the battery pack some day and replacing with even longer range lithiums.  We expect electrics to cost 10 times less in maintenance and drive 3 times longer than even a Honda Civic.  Electric motors are very long lasting low maintenance machines.

11.) Power is an understatement.  EVs have much more torque.  Most of the time we have to tone them down for our clients to be able to control them.  Their is no engine lag or delay upon acceleration.  Most EVs blow the doors off gasoline engines in drag racing.  We look forward to building more drag cars for our clients and proving our point.

12.) The list goes on.  In the future we will be controlling your car remotely, tunning it up remotely, bringing in some of the coolest features your mind could imagine.  Yes the future is EVs not fuel cells or hydrogen.  We are well aware of how all these other technologies work.  They are 10 years behind EVs and are just not practical today.  We’ll be the first ones to use them when we can make something out of them.  For now its all theory, prototypes, no one manufacturing anything pratical and internet scams.

Some key features of electric vehicles

High performance intelligent 100% electric vehicles
Gasoline equivalent mileage up to 300 miles per gallon
Service and components
Advanced battery management
Less than five year pay back
Advanced battery control systems
Upgradeable high energy density extended range storage
No hybrid or series hybrid vehicle mechanical headaches
Low maintenance high mileage all electric drive trains
Certified electric vehicle specialists
We are dedicated to the development of electric vehicles
Platforms, motors and advanced control systems
Design, testing, manufacturing and consulting
Integrated solar and alternative vehicle platforms

Our engineering design team consults on all electric vehicle drive trains, platforms and components.  Electric vehicles provide a great alternative to fossil fuels and require very little maintenance.  Electric vehicle performance is FAR better than any fossil fuel car on the market.  Electric vehicles OUT PERFORM expensive sports cars for a fraction of the cost.

Never seen or driven an EV? The bottom line is an electric vehicle has better drivability, handling and acceleration. It won’t feel any different than a gasoline powered engine.  100% electrics have all the same features as a gasoline powered vehicle and much more.

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