EV Integration

Electric Vehicle Integration – EV’s

Our team has over ten years experience repairing, building and developing parts for electric vehicles.  EV’s have a variety of controls systems, battery management and other parts that need upgrades and constant maintenance.

Many options also exist for custom high end conversions such as performance, racing, energy storage and increased range that are not available in production electric vehicles.  Having these options provides advantages for custom builds in many different electric vehicle applications.

Plug in hybrid upgrades
Neighborhood electric vehicles
Electric trucks and vans
Maintenance and repair
Custom electric builds
Charge station control modules

Efficiency control modules
Smart grid interactive controls
Custom high performance
Performance / range improvements
Storage technology development
Battery upgrades and hot swaps

Electric Trucks:    Branding – Advertising – Maintenance – Upgrades

Updated: 04/20/2019 — 1:25 pm

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