Wearable technology

The development of cellular phones took portable to a new level.  Mobile devices are now an extension of laptop computers with a lot more benefit. Mobile devices give us the ability to expand social networking into our every day lives.

But what about connecting at a more cellular level.  How about wearing the technology or even better implanting it into our bodies.  Well the first step is of course wearable.  We will integrate the internet of things not only into our daily lives but also into our bodies.  This already started with the development of bluetooth devices for your ear and now smart watches that communicate with your cellular phone.

But what does the future really hold and how soon?  Already ocular and inner ear implants exist and work.  Cellular phones have reached their limit in terms of portability and accessing information.  I mean whats next other than a flexible smart phone that can fold up into your pocket. 

The next ten to fifteen years we will see the development of wearable technologies explode.  Soon after technological implants will become part of the human anatomy and have the potential to make humans faster and smarter.  Being able to browse the internet faster than using a portable device such as a cellular phone with direct access to your brain will benefit the user in multiple ways including expanded knowledge, expanded memory and constant access to infinite amounts of information. 

Whether you like the idea of half human half robot we are well on our way to fully integrating the human brain with the very technology we hold in our hands today.  Call us futurists but its not 50 years away its less than 20 years away and it will impact generations to come in a big way.

Updated: 04/20/2019 — 12:01 pm

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