3D printers will change the world

3D printers have the potential to change the world in a drastic way.  They can eliminate the need for shipping companies, completely change the logistics of our world today or open up a whole new world of innovative brands and new product design.

Today you can actually pick up a decent small 3D printer for around $1000.  A small price to pay for what it can actually do.  But lets imagine the future 3D printer.  This is a printer that can do a lot more a lot faster a lot bigger and with higher quality plastics. 

Remember all those sunglasses you had that broke because they were made in China and the plastic was of faulty quality.  Well imagine printing as many sun glasses as you want using your own 3D printer.  Any style, any color and with much better overall quality.  That is just a very small example of where 3D printing is headed.

3D printers today are mostly used by engineers and hobbyists for development but a lot of people are not only printing the parts but also using the parts in their projects.  The plastics, quality and cost of 3D printing is getting better by the year. 

Updated: 04/20/2019 — 12:00 pm

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