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3D printers will change the world

3D printers have the potential to change the world in a drastic way.  They can eliminate the need for shipping companies, completely change the logistics of our world today or open up a whole new world of innovative brands and new product design. Today you can actually pick up a decent small 3D printer for around $1000.  A small price to pay for what it can actually do.  But lets imagine the future 3D printer.  This is a printer that can do a lot more a lot faster a lot bigger and with higher quality plastics.  Remember all those sunglasses you had that broke because they were made in China and the plastic was of faulty quality.  Well imagine printing as many sun glasses as you want using your own 3D printer.  Any style, any color and with much better overall quality.  That is just a very small example of…

Wearable technology

The development of cellular phones took portable to a new level.  Mobile devices are now an extension of laptop computers with a lot more benefit. Mobile devices give us the ability to expand social networking into our every day lives. But what about connecting at a more cellular level.  How about wearing the technology or even better implanting it into our bodies.  Well the first step is of course wearable.  We will integrate the internet of things not only into our daily lives but also into our bodies.  This already started with the development of bluetooth devices for your ear and now smart watches that communicate with your cellular phone. But what does the future really hold and how soon?  Already ocular and inner ear implants exist and work.  Cellular phones have reached their limit in terms of portability and accessing information.  I mean whats next other than a flexible…

The Elimination Of Net Neutrality

The most important FCC vote of our lifetime is about to happen!  The Elimination of “Net Neutrality”   On Feb 26, 2015 the FCC will vote to save “Net Neutrality” or let Comcast and other ISPs create Internet slow lanes. Some members of Congress, on behalf of their Cable donors, are trying to stop the FCC from protecting the Internet we love. So lets discuss what is net neutrality and how it will effect small business and large businesses.  Currently we live in a net neutral world.  Everyone was a start up at one point.  Netflix, Facebook even Google all had the opportunity to grow because of net neutrality.  Basically net neutrality gives everyone a level playing field on the web.  Whether you are starting a new business and want to start a new company website net neutrality essentially lets you do what you want without any taxation or throttling down…
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