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The Elimination Of Net Neutrality

The most important FCC vote of our lifetime is about to happen!  The Elimination of “Net Neutrality”   On Feb 26, 2015 the FCC will vote to save “Net Neutrality” or let Comcast and other ISPs create Internet slow lanes. Some members of Congress, on behalf of their Cable donors, are trying to stop the FCC from protecting the Internet we love. So lets discuss what is net neutrality and how it will effect small business and large businesses.  Currently we live in a net neutral world.  Everyone was a start up at one point.  Netflix, Facebook even Google all had the opportunity to grow because of net neutrality.  Basically net neutrality gives everyone a level playing field on the web.  Whether you are starting a new business and want to start a new company website net neutrality essentially lets you do what you want without any taxation or throttling down…
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