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We have a long history of working with renewable energy systems and want people to understand we have a lot of experience in the green industry. We have provided a blog for people to discuss wind power systems.  This is a completely free service and we are here to give free information and free advice for people having problems with their wind power systems or questions about solar electric systems. Tell us your story. You control the discussions and we can answer your engineering questions.

2kW – 50kW wind power systems
Small commercial wind power generation
How they work, where they can be installed
Horizontal and Vertical axis systems

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Horizontal axis turbines are some of the most common and efficient in the markets today.  They range in size from 2kW all the way up to 1.4Megawatts.  The smaller 2kW-50kW turbines can be installed in cities or commercial and usually need a minimum of 30 foot towers to have any kind of efficiency.  Larger turbines can have towers as high as 100 feet and need wind gusts as much as 30mph just to start turning.

Horizontal wind turbines come with options such as blade pitch, yaw, direction control, grid tied and off grid.  Wind systems can cost less than solar but will only perform according to the wind zone they are installed and will require a bit more maintenance.  All horizontal axis turbines are practically silent and cause very little annoyance to the surrounding environment.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Vertical axis turbines are a bit less developed than horizontal axis turbines.  They tend to be aesthetically more appealing and are a perfect fit for cities and small commercial.  Because of the blade designs efficiencies are supposed to be better however this is not always the case.  A horizontal axis turbine can perform better in lower wind conditions, however you also have to aware that a wind turbine does not necessarily produce power when it turns and will need a substantial amount of wind to actually produce usable mechanical power.

Vertical axis turbines come as small as 2kW all the way up to 100kW.  We are not currently manufacturing any vertical axis turbines.  Although it does really depend on the application and installation site, if we decide to manufacture turbines, vertical axis would be our first choice.

Experimental And Development

Because Dexa Resources is into innovation and engineering we are always on the lookout for something new and interesting or considering the development of a new type of turbine.  A lot of different turbine ideas have been presented to our group.  Its a matter of which idea will become a real project, something that is marketable and something that will produce usable practical power while providing aesthetic appeal for our clients.

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