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We have a long history of working with renewable energy systems and want people to understand we have a lot of experience in the green industry. We have provided a blog for people to discuss storage technologies.  This is a completely free service and we are here to give free information and free advice. Tell us your story. You control the discussions and we can answer your engineering questions.

The most important key to renewable energy!
What are new solutions?
Which technology will improve renewable energy?
How can we apply this technology?

Energy Storage Devices

Energy storage is going to play a major role in renewable energy.  As a matter of fact its the only thing holding the limitless possibilities of renewable energy back.  Dexa Engineering has been working with several technologies such as lead, lithium and super capacitors to bring better storage devices to the markets.  Part of this key is already in most of our products and projects and we already do stock lead batteries which are listed in our online store.

We put this educational section under products because we feel its an important reminder that clients should be aware of energy storage and how it is being developed.  It also reminds our clients about how we are always looking for better ways to store energy and better ways to transport this energy.  We are a long way from safe super capacitors but for now lead acid, lithium and a few other types of batteries will support the first stages of renewable energy development.

Updated: 04/20/2019 — 1:28 pm

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