Solar Thermal

Not too be confused with solar hybrid lighting and solar electric systems.  Solar thermal is a technology for harnessing solar energy for heat.  Solar thermal systems are generally used to heat swimming pools and create hot water for residential and commercial use.

Solar thermal systems come in several forms. Batch/ICS, thermosiphon, open loop, closed loop, drain back and closed loop glycol.  The closed loop glycol systems are by far the best in performance and will work in all climates.  Because of this flexibility these systems tend to be higher in price than the others.  System components consist of a glycol fluid pump, expansion tank, relief valve, drain valve, anti scald valve, air vent, water heater tank, solar storage tank and collectors.  Solar thermal pool heating setups and commercial setups are a bit different and will require different components.

For more information on solar thermal systems feel free to contact Dexa Engineering with your questions.

Solar thermal systems

  • Active indirect closed loop glycol systems
  • Closed loop glycol active indirect for all climates
  • Hail resistant tempered glass protected collectors
  • Building integrated thermal system design
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