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Category: Solar Energy

Information about solar energy systems.

Grid Tie Solar

Grid tied solar electric systems   We have provided a blog for people to discuss solar electric systems.  This is a completely free service and we are here to give free information and free advice for people having problems with their solar arrays or questions about solar electric systems. Tell us your story.  Do you think solar is aesthetically pleasing?  Is it saving you what you expected?  Is it raising the value of your home or business?  You control the topics and we  answer engineering questions. Our Experience Grid interconnection engineering design Logistics and project management Commercial interconnection and integration Remote monitoring and logging Modern architectural solar integration Building integrated photovoltaics Smart grid technology Integration Unique solar electric applications Shading while feeding the grid Electric vehicle solar charging Smart utility grid interactive systems High quality products and installations Experienced installation…

Solar Thermal

Not too be confused with solar hybrid lighting and solar electric systems.  Solar thermal is a technology for harnessing solar energy for heat.  Solar thermal systems are generally used to heat swimming pools and create hot water for residential and commercial use. Solar thermal systems come in several forms. Batch/ICS, thermosiphon, open loop, closed loop, drain back and closed loop glycol.  The closed loop glycol systems are by far the best in performance and will work in all climates.  Because of this flexibility these systems tend to be higher in price than the others.  System components consist of a glycol fluid pump, expansion tank, relief valve, drain valve, anti scald valve, air vent, water heater tank, solar storage tank and collectors.  Solar thermal pool heating setups and commercial setups are a bit different and will require different components. For more information on solar thermal systems feel free to contact Dexa…

Off Grid

If more people would go off the grid then what would happen to the grid?  Off grid living is a lifestyle that many are not ready for.  I opened this blog up for discussion with people who are living completely off the grid.  What are your challenges?  What are you benefits?  People who are living off the grid for a certain amount of time may not miss the grid at all. Portable solar electric options Remote location unlimited renewable power The latest storage technology Reliable critical backup power Smart backup grid interaction Integrated and custom off grid and hybrid options Full service and maintenance 24 hour off grid support services Fully independent power systems Reliable renewable backup integration Storm and disaster relief Remote location power “Some day the old grid will only provide us with backup power.”  — Dexa Resources Join supporters


Photovoltaics / Solar Electric Systems Photo is Greek for Light and Voltaic is after Allesandro Volta pioneer in the study of electricity.  Thus photovoltaic means *light to electricity*.  The photovoltaics (PV) convert sunlight directly to direct current (DC) electricity by use of a semiconductor. Solar cells are made from a chemical element called silicon.  Silicon is one of the most common substances on Earth and can be found in most semiconductors/integrated circuits today. A semiconductor p-n junction produces an electric field that is maintained purely by virtue of the material.  In other words, no external voltage need be applied.  For a solar cell, this means that when light hits the cell, electrons are bumped from atoms and drawn to one side of the junction by the internal electric field producing a current.  When current flows you have electricity. Silicon PV comes in many varieties.  Shell PV panels are made with…

Solar FAQs

Below are some common questions about solar energy systems.  I have provided a basis for this blog. What I really would like to hear about is all these free solar systems that people are financing.  Do you think financing solar is worth it and does the payback really make any sense?  Are the companies who are locking people into these long term contracts telling them everything they need to know? Can solar run a refrigerator, microwave, freezer or washing machine? Yes.  These appliances can take many watt-hours but only a few hundred watts.  You can purchase high efficiency refrigerators, microwaves, and washing machine motors to minimize their energy use and benefit more from your solar system. Can solar run a hot water heater or heating & cooling system? For houses a more cost effective solution is to use another energy source for these items.  Electric resistance heating such as an…
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