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Category: Batteries

Discussions about batteries we have used in the past, what we are using currently and the future of battery design and battery technology.

Fuel Cells & Natural Gas

Fuel Cells and Natural Gas The practicality of fuel cells is years away.  The supply of fuel cells is small and the technology is so expensive that it would costs enormous amounts of money to build a fuel cell vehicle that was in any way practical.  One of the other downfalls is you still need fuel and the infrastructure of fueling stations is non-existent. Fuel cell vehicles will take some time to enter mainstream or they may never enter mainstream at all.  We may be involved with the development of the fuel cell but for now we stick with what is practical, cost effective, works well and is past the proof of concept stage.  Most people like the fact that electric vehicle technology eliminates their dependence on any kind of fuel.  The use of natural gas will mostly benefit heavy equipment and trucks.…

Interstate Batteries

Below are some of the lead acid batteries that we have worked with for more than ten years.  When it comes to storage options today the cheapest most practical is going to be some form of lead acid or AGM. Keep in mind that Interstate Batteries is only a distribution brand nothing else.  They have branches across America but a majority of their batteries are manufactured in China.  We started to buy batteries more direct from China and find that many of the batteries China can offer directly are just as good if not better than the interstate u2200 or trojan T-105.  Interstate batteries has many online distributors who get payed very little to resell their batteries.  Some are legitimate and others are only advertising. The next time you are thinking to buy a battery do some research.  There are alternatives to the main stream batteries that are being sold…
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