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Global Engineering Consulting Costs

The United States continues to struggle with global competition as colleges continue to raise their prices for science and high-tech engineering degrees. What most students and engineers do not realize is most of the world is designing and developing complex engineering projects at a fraction of the cost.  Students are receiving the same education abroad and working for a lot less and producing the same quality work.  By hiring consultants abroad Corporations are focusing on reducing costs and increasing profits which is easy to do today. Lets take a look at some of the current numbers in the United States and compare them with Latin America.  Keep in mind these costs are averages.  It does depend on the project, experience and if the engineer you will be working with is fluent in English.  In most cases hourly in Latin America is considerably lower than the prices found in the comparison…

Working Remotely

Now that we our lives are global, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of having a virtual office.  These benefits consist of reduced operational cost, happier staff and increased production.  We work remotely and we are proud of it.  A lot of companies would disagree that hiring consultants who work remotely is a good idea.  They complain its too complicated or there will be a communications breakdown.  The truth is remote work is growing faster than large corporations can keep up with. The concept of remote operations really started with call centers back in the 1990s.  A lot of which were based in India.  Call centers started to prove that entire operations for one organization could be hosted outside of their home country.  This would enable corporations to reduce labor costs and work with other countries who can add value and services that might be too expensive in…

Business in South America

As many have probably noticed we are based out of Dallas, Texas but also have an office in Lima, Peru.  South America was a first choice to place a second office outside of the United States and there are a number of reasons why. Most people have misconceptions about South American countries.  People think countries in South America breed dishonest business practices.  Economies are not balanced and technology is lacking.  Third world is usually the name given to most countries in South America. However, in the last decade since we have been working and traveling here things have changed tremendously.  Technology has advanced rapidly, middle class has grown at an enormous rate.  Businesses are learning that professionalism, honesty and global connections is what makes them grow.  Access to products and services may have been a problem a decade ago but today we find that whatever exists in the United States…
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