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Information about renewable energy.

Metal Buildings

Renewable Construction? Metal Buildings? What kind of advantages and disadvantages do steel structures provide? Is there a market for metal building over seas? What kind of things can be done to increase the security of metal building designs? Advantages Steel structures are very renewable and fall into the category of renewable construction Large structures can ship on one truck Cheaper to fabricate go up fast Less material to cover a large square foot area Recyclable and can be erected on different sites Large open spans with no center support Structurally sound engineered for wind and earthquakes Easy customizable options windows, doors and insulation Energy efficient with correct insulation packages No wood rot minor damages resulting from floods Commercial options to hang equipment from rafters Easy to repair long life roofing panels Steel structure outlast wood structure with double the life time Steel structures can accept masonry with only small design…

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes in many forms.  Depending on the application certain types of renewable energy work well.  Most renewable energy sources work better in large scale commercial applications than they do for residential applications.  For example hydroelectric can be used in small scale applications but its much more suitable as a commercial project.  Fuel cells are expensive much more suitable in large scale installations.  Below are several renewable sources with some brief explanations.  …
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