We intend to do the best we can to provide the services that our customers request and need. In very rare cases we have had to enforce our policies. Our policies are simple and straight forward and guarantee copyright protection for our clients.  Accounts that are in good standing have a 100% guarantee that all work will be protected from being copied or shared. We understand and respect the privacy of customer accounts in good standing.



Past due invoice: 30 days will incur a 2% interest; 60 days 4% interest; 90 days legal action. After 30 days your account is considered delinquent and our team can use your project for further development including production or share your development throughout the web with online communities who specialize in product development and/or outsourcing. This includes social networking websites that may or may not be connected to your products and services.


Projects with delinquent accounts will be available as open source 24-7 free for download by competitors, manufacturers and hobbyists. Credit cards will be subject to transaction fees.  All invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise stated.  Late fees will be added to invoices past 30 days.  See development policy below for work that has been completed and unpaid for.


Development Projects

Code, CAD, Engineering Design, Web Development and any other services that we provide are billed according to hours worked or by project.  If a work order is verbal meaning over the phone or written we will do our best to satisfy our clients and delivery what we promise.  Dexa Resources LLC provides a 100% guarantee that developmental work is not shared with anyone unless the following occurs:


Invoices past 30 days will be subject to late fees and we will send a message to our client that your invoice is now delinquent.  At this point since the project was unpaid for we reserve the right to share your project as open source through online social networks.  Some of the sites we will post your Code, CAD or Design will be Code Canyon, GrabCAD, Alibaba and China Trade.  We will also make it available on our website as a free download.


We absolutely protect the privacy of our clients but if we are asked to perform a work order which remains unpaid or if the client refuses to pay then the current work order was for educational non-profit purposes only.  Everything will be uploaded into open source sites and will be available for manufactures, developers and competitors for download.


If you are using our services to host and develop your website you must pay your monthly invoice on time.  We allow up to three business days late.  If invoices remain unpaid, access to your website will be blocked for 30 days.  After 30 days we will send cancellation notices and remove all content if the invoice still remains unpaid. Removed content that contains custom code will be shared in the community through websites such as CodeCanyon, Themeforest and other popular social networking websites that host free and paid coding projects.

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