Legacy Mining

What is our LEGACY CRYPTO MINING program?

We have old equipment and we want to see it mine. There are a lot of older miners out there like the Antminer S9 or Antminer L3+. We even have some Antminer D3’s in stock. Since selling off old equipment is not a great option we are inviting miners to use this equipment until it is beyond repair.

Some miners want to mine alt coins or continue to mine speculating price rises. We have started a program where people can mine with our older machines and pay a fixed price only to rent the mining space and power infrastructure. You do not have to purchase any equipment, rent hash power or set up a mining operation. A miner pays a fixed monthly rate and will gain access to all our legacy machines.

The miner will only need to manage his/her own electric bill. You can still accumulate Bitcoin and ride more upward trends without the upfront cost of buying mining equipment. If a miner wants to mine with newer equipment we will allow up to 40kW new miners at this location. The miner will pre-pay and will be on a month to month contract with no startup fees. Legacy equipment is no longer maintained. When a miner dies it will be discarded and taken out of the legacy miners list. This is why we are offering a no contract low monthly rate to rent space, power and gain access to FREE miners. 

Due to the high mining demand Legacy mining is currently unavailable.
Enterprise mining space is still available. Bring your own miners OR bring your own container(s).

Crypto Mining Legacy Rate Plan
80kW Leasing Plan $1200/mo

♦ Month to month lease agreement
♦ No security deposit
♦ 360 Amps transformer
♦ (1) 20ft container space

Legacy Miners

(30) Antminer S9
(15) Antminer D3
(28) Antminer L3+

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