Future Mining

1200ft2Crypto Currency Mining Space High Ceiling
High Energy Capacity w/ planned expansion
Wichita Falls, TX 76306


  Currently under construction
• Approximate completion December 2019
• Currently no lease has been signed
• Accepting leases in June of 2019 first come first serve space
• Rates are negotiable. BTC and XRP accepted under some conditions
• Custom cooling ideal for large scale GPU mining

• 150kW available (150,000 Watts), this power will be available to you right from the start
• 120/240VAC up to 700 amps of continuous power,
• Business starts growing? Expandable 250kW – 1MegaWatt 3 Phase infrastructure already at the site
• Cable line for high speed broadband internet connections
• City water connection used for liquid cooled miners
• Strong 3G/4G LTE cellular connection signals for redundant internet backup
• Miners will be in full control of the electricity bills

Crypto currency mining requires large amounts of power. It is usually very difficult for crypto-miners to remain and grow in data centers that are not designed for crypto-mining. You can mine Bitcoin, Monero and many other Alt coins at this location. Maybe you started in your garage and now you need to expand to a commercial area with lots of power. Home crypto-mining is just not as profitable as setting up a commercial mining operation.

Commercial electricity rates will allow you to make mining profits and expand. Just bring your mining equipment and we can help you mine more efficiently. We are set up specifically for crypto-mining which means cooling techniques and access to plenty of power. This site is first come first serve and will be fully operational in December of 2019. We are currently in construction and will provide a lease on a first come first serve basis. We recommend you reserve this space as we finish up construction.

• 1200sqft of space. High ceiling custom cooled steel building.
• Security will be available
• Ambient air cooling. We will allow changes to the building if needed.
• One month security deposit required

• Corner lot property
• All paved road access
• Truck access turn around space no need to back up
• Two entrances with drainage pipes
• City sewer connection
• Restaurants & Walmart nearby

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