Enterprise Mining

Enterprise Crypto Currenty Mining Space Power Leases

  • Dedicated 2.5 MegaWatts Power Feeds
  • Bring Your Own Container(s)
  • Call for fixed rate rental pricing

As we move into the mid summer fall season power rates will be more negotiable. To keep up with mining demand 2.5 MegaWatt feeds are dedicated for large mining operations. These larger sized feeds are available for Enterprise crypto-currency mining operations looking for space to host 1000s of crypto-miners. Give us a call for more details about Enterprise crypto mining power, space and pricing.

We have our own team of on call electricians and established relationships with transformer suppliers available to have you up and running in a weekend. If you are a smaller sized commercial operation have a look at our Commercial Mining smaller sized transformers. Upgrading from Commercial to Enterprise? We will consider our current miners first. Crypto mining feeds are going fast and are on a first come first serve basis. Most of our power has already been reserved.

Texas is a free no lock down state with support for crypto-currency. The fact is Texas is moving forward allowing businesses to continue to grow and prosper without destroying the economy based on draconian Covid rules. If your looking for a safe place to park and grow your crypto-currency business Texas is becoming a hot spot for preserving your rights, freedoms and building decentralized applications that will benefit both the state and its people. You will be respected in Texas and do not have to fear more shutdowns. We have a lot of confidence this trend will continue and we expect our group of miners to do nothing but grow and support block chain transactions and applications.

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