Our relationship with partners is very important to us. Our partners provide us with the tools we need to complete projects and manufacture products.  Strong partner relationships with Dexa Resources provides customers the products and services they need at an unbeatable price.  Partners can also gain a competitive advantage by working with Dexa Resources to provide better customer solutions, innovative engineering, marketing, customer education and sales.  Dexa Resources brings together product solutions, product exposure and partner product development all into one company.

If you are a new vendor feel free to contact us.  Your products are important to us and we will take the time to discuss application details.  Working models with detailed documentation, technical datasheets and promotional material,  design and demonstration purposes must be provided by any new partners.  Providing Dexa Resources with working models is very important to our customers and provides a learning experience and better understanding.  Dexa Resources is known for demonstrating solutions that work.  Keep in mind results are what count and the proof is in the pudding.

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners earn their way to our partners section by trust and a two way business relationship and generally will work with us on a more one on one basis.  They have proven to provide very strong support and high quality product or work with us on development.  We continue to look for long term two way relationships and consider them part of our team.  Each strategic partner offers a lot of added value to help our customers get the products and services they need.

Dexa Logistics

 Cafe Electric LLC

The University of Texas

Oklahoma Robotics LLC

DKL Partners LLC

Helios Electric LLC

Sayr Resources Inc.

GenaSun LLC



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