Mining Returns

New to Bitcoin? No problem we are here to educate newbies.
There are fixed costs and variable costs when you rent hash power from us. Your fixed is electricity and our hosting fee. The amount of Bitcoin created every month is also relatively fixed for each 13TH/s machine at about 0.016 BTC/month. It varies a little but not much plus or minus 10% every month. Production rewards do drop a little every month because thats the way Bitcoin mining was designed but again its small.


Your variable cost is Bitcoin value. For example when Bitcoin is $3600/BTC the basic math is as follows.

  • 0.016BTC x $3600 = $57.60 per month

If the overhad of renting hash power is $80/mo there is actually a loss not a profit. However, even if there is a small loss people mine for speculation and to accumilate and hold Bitcoin in case there is another bull run. Bitcoin can also be hard to obtain and almost impossible to obtain when the value increases and if you buy Bitcoin directly you typically have to pay up to 50% commissions to obtain it. When you rent hash power you pay almost nothing to obtain Bitcoin.


Lets look at another scenario. There was a bull run in 2017 and Bitcoin went over $18,000.00. Lets do the math.

  • 0.016BTC x $19,000.00 = $304 per month

In this case subtract your fixed electric and hosting fees. Hosting fees will be higher because demand will be high. Lets say around $150/mo. So your monthly mining profit will now be around $154/mo plus your capital gains from your previous holdings of Bitcoin.


Currently Bitcoin is hovering around the break even for mining. People are still mining so they can accumulate and save Bitcoin. You could also transfer it into USD digital currency called Tether if you dont want to ride the ups and downs of Bitcoin. We can not give financial advice but in the long run people continue to accumulate Bitcoin with expectations for it to rise in value. Thats not to say its value could decline to near zero, anything is possible and crypto-currency remains a high risk investment.


Overall if you decide to rent hash power and mine with us you will get to accumulate Bitcoin the easy way. If Bitcoin drops you can always exchange it into other digital currencies to limit losses. If Bitcoin value increases and you own it you get to benefit from its gains. It all works very mich like Forex trading or the stock market.

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